Lakers Numbers Used As Code Words For Drug Dealers

Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom Drug Codes

Even those that don’t know much about the NBA have heard of the Lakers and some of their past and present stars. A recent story on the rise of PCP says that drug dealers nationally are using the familiarity with current Laker Kobe Bryant, and former Lakers Shaquille O’Neal and Lamar Odom, as code words to indicate how much drugs are being requested.

“It’s sold using basketball names for the amount wanted,” Los Angeles Police Department narcotics Det. Frank Lyga said in the story. He explained that those seeking 24 ounces would reference Kobe Bryant, who wears No. 24. Shaquille O’Neal and Lamar Odom are other codes.

Said Lyga: “So, they’ll call up and say, ‘I want a Kobe,’ or, ‘I want a Shaq. Or, you want a Lamar?’”

Not the smartest code system if you ask me.

H/T: LA Times