Lamar Odom Tells Kid Don’t Do Drugs

Lamar Odom Kid

Why is the kid’s mother running to TMZ?

Lamar took the time out to talk to the kid, take a photo with the kid and then his mom runs right to TMZ. Great parenting right there.

Odom was at a birthday party at Tokyo Delves in North Hollywood — along with about 20 people — when the young boy named Elijah approached Odom to ask for a photo.

Elijah’s mother tells us, Odom initially turned the kid down, offering to shake Elijah’s hand instead and have a brief conversation … which they did.

The mom says Lamar pontificated about the merits of education and staying in school — and even encouraged Elijah (who is tall for his age) to play basketball — but the ironic twist, Lamar finished the conversation by telling him, “Don’t do drugs.”

Maybe the reason Lamar didn’t want to take the photo was because he didn’t want it to end up on TMZ, but I digress.