Laura Govan Says Only Wives Should Be On Basketball Wives, Not Hoes


Laura Govan

Ex-“Basketball Wife” Laura Govan has taken exception with the direction that the reality show “Basketball Wives” has gone, and who does she blame? ¬†Creator Shaunie O’Neil of course.

H/T: TMZ Sports

“I feel like she didn’t keep [the show] in the basketball creed.”

“She shoulda kept ‘Basketball Wives,’ basketball wives” … adding, “There coulda been a ‘Housewives or a Ho’ show for everybody else later.”

I think Shaq sums up my reaction to this pretty well.



  1. “Laura doesn’t exactly fit the mold herself … ’cause she ain’t a basketball “wife” either — even though she’s been engaged to Gilbert Arenas off and on for years.”—TMZ

    • She sure is not. Doesn’t look like she will be either. Look like he gave her the ring to keep her mouth shut. But you what they say…It cheaper to keep her!

  2. Laura is a complete idiot, she is not a BB wife, she is just a JUMPOFF, BABY MAKING MACHINE and she smashed Shaq while he was still married!! Her audacity just blows my mind!!

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