LeBron Is Bringing Back The Chalk Toss For His Fans

The return of LeBron's infamous chalk toss.

Whether you hate him or love him, everybody pointed to LeBron’s infamous “chalk talk” as one of his stables. People all over the world imitated it, from kids to grown men.

LeBron stopped his pre-game ritual in the middle of the 2011 playoff run, which ended in a devastating finals defeat at the hands of Dallas.

It’s crazy how much things can change in two years. LeBron is now a 2-time NBA Finals MVP and did it by making clutch shots at the end of games.

Now he is on the cover of NBA 2K14 and it has a picture of him tossing the chalk.

Apparently that was a sign for this:

“It’s just me,” James said after the Miami Heat’s practice Wednesday at the Atlantis Resort. “I love my fans and they wanted it back. They wanted me to do it so it’s back.”

It’s good to see LeBron acknowledge things the fans want.