Video: Lebron James Roaring at Flaming Tires


The Miami Heat are set to try and threepeat for the NBA title, but to get the season rolling there is the usual into video to be expected. The team has started leaking scenes from the video, and it’s not what you might expect.

First there is Lebron’s portion of the video, which looks more like a scene from a really bad action movie rather than having to do anything with the Miami Heat or the NBA for that matter. I’m not quite sure where the heavy chains or the tire flipping comes into play, but I’m sure someone in the Heat’s marketing department thought this was brilliant.

Next enters Dwyane Wade. Actually, that’s really all I can say about Wade’s scene because he’s literally doing nothing at all but strutting in a room filled with smoke. Again, there’s no sign of a basketball anywhere.

Finally, we have Chris Bosh. Interestingly enough Bosh is the only one actually dribbling a basketball. Kudos to person who envisioned Bosh’s scene for remembering that basketballs are involved in the NBA.

The finished product hasn’t been released, so there might be hope for the video in the editing department.