LeBron on Bulls: ‘We Don’t Like Them, They Don’t Like Us’


With the NBA season getting started tonight, players are starting to talk about the upcoming season and their teams’ rivals. The best thing going in the East right now is actually the Bulls and Heat who play tonight to tip-off the season. LeBron pretty much confirmed what we all believe:

“We don’t like them, they don’t like us,” LeBron James said of the Bulls, per ESPN’s Tom Haberstroh. “It’s not unheard of. We all know how it is.”

Look the Bulls and Heat are opposites in terms of their approach and perception of the team. That starts with LeBron vs Derrick Rose even going back to the All-Star game where Rose refused to dance. The Heat are viewed as more “Hollywood” and the Bulls are “blue-collar” so this rivalry just works. I like it when teams embrace these things instead of giving no comments.