Lions Vice Chairman Calls The Bears A “Bunch Of Thugs”


What is with people who throw stones, but live in a glass house.

The Detroit Lions may be the NFL’s dirtiest team with the most arrest per player, but you’d never know by the way they speak out about their opponents.

During a speech at the team’s annual Courage House dinner last night, Lions Vice Chairman, Bill Ford referred to the Chicago Bears as “a bunch of thugs.”

“It was really alive, and it was alive when we played those same bunch of thugs on Monday Night a couple [years ago],” Ford said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “When this place gets going it’s electric and we do have wonderful fans. Our fans are amazing and we would love to pay them back and bring home a winner, and I love the way this team is playing right now.”

The audience reportedly laughed at his remarks, and a team spokesman called the Free Press to do some damage control.