Love & Hip-Hop K. Michelle Cries Over Lance Stephenson Cheating on Her (Photos)


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Poor baby…..

Who would have imagine a NBA player cheating on a reality star.  I mean I would have never thought that would happen in a MILLION YEARS!!!!


K Michelle Cheated

She tried to ease her pain like you would expect someone to do, by hitting the club and drinking out of a bottle.

Very lady like.

K Michelle Cries

H/T Jocks and Stiletto Jill

15 thoughts on “Love & Hip-Hop K. Michelle Cries Over Lance Stephenson Cheating on Her (Photos)

  • Maybe she’s need to date a regular down to Earth guy because these NBA players keep doing her terrible. Someone posted a video of her and she seems fun and down to Earth. I’m not familiar with her as a music artist. Maybe she needs to leave men alone all together and just focus on music.

    • K. Michelle is a reality star/model…(& music artist?)…there’s no way a regular dude is going to make the cut (in my opinion). Women like her want ballers who have high profile lives and large bank. She’ll just move on to the next athlete/celeb which shouldn’t be too hard for an attractive female such as herself.

      • Reach for the stars, honey.

  • She just cant go to a regular dude. Once exposed to the high life of hotel suites, expense high heels, luxury handbags and steak dinners, it’s hard to downgrade. Hard to go from Steak to hamburger helper. Unfortunately, its going to continue to lead ti heartbreak

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