Magic Johnson Left NBA Countdown Because of Bill Simmons



With it was announced today that all of a sudden, Magic Johnson is leaving NBA Countdown, you knew there had to be more to the story. According to Deadspin the part that was left out is that Magic doesn’t like Bill Simmons having all the power and he is not happy about Simmons ultimately getting Wilbon off the show:

ESPN sources tell us that Johnson’s departure was the result of an old-fashioned power war, with one very clear winner: Bill Simmons. “It’s Simmons’s show now,” said one source.

“The bottom line is they turned that show over to Simmons,” said our source. “That’s why Doug Collins got hired and why Wilbon was out.”

Ultimately they are going to let the show prosper or fail on Bill Simmons. I just don’t think he is the right guy to bet on since he isn’t very good on TV either. The show really needs a complete reboot.


  1. Magic was terrible on it. most of his points came down to “I’m magic johnson and I’m one of the best players ever so I’m right”. I hope Simmons can nerd the show out a bit and make it a little better to the die hard nba fan. Frankly, only die hards are watching this anyway, it’s not the like the NFL where everybody is watching and they have to dumb things down.

    • Shut your coon ass up. Magic wasn’t very good, but not for the reason you mentioned. Typical caucasoid logic in your post.

  2. I have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re saying it’s racist to think that Magic didn’t contribute other than relying on his name?

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