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Man Arrested for Killing Adrian Peterson’s Son Accused of Abusing 3 Year Old in 2012

by Robert Littal | Posted on Friday, October 11th, 2013
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Joseph Robert Patterson

Patterson is being charged with Aggravated battery of an infant and Aggravated Assault. He is currently being held on a $750k bond. has details Patterson’s criminal history.

A check of Patterson’s criminal background in South Dakota reveals nine pages of trouble.

Court documents reveal the 27 year old has been arrested multiple times on various charges. He was arrested in 2004 for violating a protection order, but that was later dropped by the prosecutor. A 2012 arrest for aggravated assault was also dismissed by a prosecutor. Patterson has served time in jail for Eluding officers in 2010. He was also sentenced to five days in jail after pleading guilty to simple assault last year.

Joey Patterson

One of those incidents included assaulting a 3-year-old child.

Patterson was indicted on several counts of simple assault involving the woman and her 3-year-old son in June of 2012.

The woman took out a protection order against him in Lincoln County prior to his arrest, saying he had spanked her 3-year-old so hard for misbehaving in church that he needed ice for welts on his buttocks. When she got angry with him for it, she wrote, he made the children go to their rooms, pulled the shades, grabbed her by the throat and waved his fist in her face.

He stopped when their infant son began to cry. She also wrote that he had behaved violently in the past.

“He has threaten (sic) to kill me multiple times,” she wrote.

The woman took out temporary protection orders against him twice in Minnehaha County prior to the birth of their son.

Patterson was given a one-year jail term in each Lincoln County case, with all the time suspended on the condition he attend domestic violence counseling.

Adrian Peterson’s son has passed away from injuries sustained in the assault.

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  1. truthteller says:

    Always so happy to see our parole system work. It’s a good thing that prison inmates just love to eff up child abusers. I look forward to this ugly prick getting real justice.

    • Player#54 says:

      He will get his. This is the type of stuff that just turns my stomach. Won’t do this to a grown man, but a defenseless infant. Sick ass individual!!

    • marsha says:

      This poor little baby was let down by by all those that were suppose to be protecting him. Adrian, like many fathers didnt keep up with his responsibilities like he should have or else he would have known what type of environment his own flesh and blood was in. Im sure this is NOT the first time this EVIL PIECE OF SHIT(PATTERSON) has touched this child and the mother ignored it or didnt care because this guy clearly had a 9 page long criminal history and a VERY bad temper. They all should be ashamed!!!

      • Cynthia says:

        First of all “adrian, the so call father that didn’t keep up with his responsiblities” only found out he was the child’s father not long ago. his first time meeting him was at the hospital when he was in a coma. Get your facts straight before you go man-hating. publicly.

  2. RDP says:

    Pretty freaking sick.

  3. anonymous says:

    The only thing that could make anyone feel better for one second, the brothers, especially the Vikings fans, are going to seriously fck this guy up no matter how long hi sentence. One day, one year, one death sentence, I doubt he makes it to his 30the birthday.
    AND yes, the judge and da in those other cases, are culpable.

    • Ted Bundy says:

      “AND yes, the judge and da in those other cases, are culpable.”

      No they don’t. They didn’t lay a hand on the child.

      And no the assumption that the dude who killed the kid is going to die doesn’t make me feel good. A little kid died. There is not one good thing to come from this.

      • Iggy Pop says:

        Your pacifist attitude regarding peoples desire to see this scumbag dead would be laudable except for one thing; The name you chose to represent yourself here. TED BUNDY? He murdered my cousins best friend (Lisa Levy) and if I could have been able to meet out My brand of justice he would have been begging for the electric chair! So spare us all your Ghandi like posts you dare to share with us, whilst tagging yourself with that scunbags moniker.

        • john cain says:

          You’re an idiot Iggy, you want someone to spare their comments, how about spare yours?

        • john cain says:

          Even Adrian Peterson trusts in God, believes in forgiveness, and justice. This guy will get justice. And yet you and so many others have more hatred for the guy who did this than he does.

  4. Ig:jaes__ says:

    All that keeps running thru my head when I keep reading about the story is why the child’s mother didn’t see the red flags. This is not his 1st time assaulting a minor. And she had moved in with him at this point and this is information she didn’t know?
    About the man you have around your child. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not placing blame on her this is just what keeps crossing my mind as I read this story over and over.

    • fdsf says:

      did you even read the article?

    • bubbles says:

      You assume people make wise decisions all of the time. You must be young, and I like your rose colored glasses. Sad to say, this happens way more than you think. Abusive relationships that is.

    • worldgonemad says:

      I completely agree. In michigan a mother can be charged with the same charge but with less sentencing if in an abuse case like this there is evidence that she put her child in a situation that was endangering. Its quite obvious that there were signs this man has a track record for abuse and criminal assault so far beyond what is even being shown on the internet. Its sickening.

    • Kaliforniababy says:

      It is so amazing what a penis does to a lady.

    • WL says:

      I agree. Background checks should be a must when allowing someone to rest their head in the home your child is in.

  5. sharon tucker says:

    this guy needs to be put away for a very long time let the prisoners have there way with him

    • AppleEyes1224 says:

      So what’s your point of putting up the link to his facebook page? The authorities have comments (legal affidavits)and photos (his mugshot),too.

  6. Not Popular says:

    Of course this SOB needs to get beat down in jail.
    But all this baby mama/baby daddy shit gotta stop.
    If a man know another man is on the scene, he gonna watch his step. I know that from experience. an don’t come at me with “you don’t know the situation”. Little kid is dead, that is all we need to know.
    RIP little one.

    • DreadedDroidy says:

      I absolutely agree with you. If a man or woman starts dating another. The other parent needs to make sure who they are dating and who exactly is around their children.

  7. Adrianna says:

    I absolutely cannot understand how anyone could EVER harm a child! The punk who did this needs to die! I know it may seem harsh for me to say that, but… I hope the other inmates beat him EXACTLY THE SAME WAY THAT HE BEAT THAT PRECIOUS CHILD! And where the hell was his mom? We ALL NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR WHO WE BRING AROUND OUR CHILDREN! My heart goes out to her, but at the same time, I hope this terrible tragedy will teach her a very valuable lesson! My prayers are with the family! BE STRONG, AND TAKE CARE!!

  8. Jim says:

    I’m sure the mother seen the red flags but like many women tend to do, she ignored them she should go down with the boyfriend too

    • aa says:

      read the article. she was abused too. dont be a victim blamer, like most men are

    • eleanor says:

      I agree. where was the mother when this happened ? Of course she knew he was an abuser. probably abused her also. she has no come back on this. she also should be charged with allowing abuse to he son. the poor baby did not stand a chance. mothers that get into relationships should be absolutely sure their child will be safe around some one new. many step fathers are abusers my second husbannd was an abuser but I got my daughters right out of there. no man is worth your child ending up like this one did. hope he gets his in the end like this poor little boy did.

  9. anonymous says:

    Pass this muther fukcers picture to his future inmates so they can fukc his ass up in prison. Doesn’t deserve to live!

  10. Paul says:

    What a shame to lose such a young child. And it is even more shameful that the prosecutors and judges involved in his prior cases did absolutely nothing to punish this guy after repeated assault charges and even assaulting a 3 year old child last year.
    Our legal system needs to protect our children first and foremost and right now it definitely is not. This happens to be a high profile case because of the father of the child, but unfortunately there are thousands of cases like this every year that dont get in the news, which maybe arent murder, but involve serious assault of women and children by men with violent track records. And the legal system does nothing until someone ends up in the hospital or the morgue. Counseling and treatment could have helped this guy control his anger but that should have been provided while he was locked up to protect the women and children around him. I feel for the families of the mother and father of this young child. God Bless.

  11. Mike Rophallus says:

    Fresh fish! Fresh fish! Fresh fish!

  12. Doesn't matter says:

    Seriously a site for sports and black people? Not only are your stories poorly written, anyone who participates in this joke for a site is a f……bafoon

    • Adrianna says:


    • Ron says:

      Are you always this stupid or are you making a special effort today?

      • Ron says:

        Doesn’t matter, Are you always this stupid or are you making a special effort today?

        If you were twice as smart as you are now, you’d be absolutely stupid.

        I’m glad to see you’re not letting your education get in the way of your ignorance.

    • Ron says:

      Doesn’t matter, Are you always this stupid or are you making a special effort today?

      If you were twice as smart as you are now, you’d be absolutely stupid.

      I’m glad to see you’re not letting your education get in the way of your ignorance.

    • Wahala says:

      Meanwhile, you are here posting like the rest of us. What a joke.

    • Iggy Pop says:

      How ever this site chooses to represent itself, and to whomever they wish to try and target as an audience, (blacks who love sports) it is their concern. If you don’t subscribe to their views and have a problem with the demographic they’re catering too, leave and don’t come back. I’m White and I’m a sports fan,I don’t automatically jump to the conclusion that I am being excluded or left out, as you apparently have. Your decision to hurl weak and mispelled insults only shows the people you were trying to insult your lack of character, your lack of intelligence, your lack of spelling, and finally your lack of understanding that the fact that you posted on this site constitutes “Participation” YOu Idiot BUFFOON!

    • Black Man!! says:

      Quite obviously it is a site for Jackass’s since your on it!!

  13. RR says:

    Seems the father had adequate resources to know who was in the home with his son, check the man’s criminal history and get his son removed from the mother for just cause. I can’t put this just on the mother.

  14. Nicole says:

    The mother is equally responsible because she should have conducted a background check before allowing him around her child. The Internet is too accessible and there are no excuses! She’s just as responsible! I want to see true justice since the system failed before

    • Larry says:

      Nicole thaTS RETARDED. Who the F does a background check on their boyfriend or girlfriend. thats some paranoid schizophrenic shyt right there. remind me never date your psycho ass.

      • duh says:

        you’re an idiot Larry. That’s not some psyco schizo shiat. It’s called being a responsible parent. When you have kids it’s no longer about YOU and it’s your effen responsibility to know what kind of person is around your kids. This loser had a major record, so she was an idiot for dating him to begin with, and I’m sure she saw his true colors before he ended up killing her son.

      • R. Williams says:

        I’m a parent and I absolutely would do a background check on someone I intend to bring around my kid. There’s nothing looney about it. The only people that would object are those that would have something to hide.

      • susan jacobs says:

        Larry what Nicole said does sound unreal..but from all the children killed by partners it looks like we better start doing some checking no matter how crazy it sounds…to save the innocent children.

  15. REV Wright says:

    Any chance we could find out who Mr. Patterson supported in the 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections?

    Just “axin”……….

  16. dasimms says:

    Why don’t you guys filter the comments and if something is stupid and inappropriate it does not get posted. rev. wright and anonymous are little trolls that should not be allowed to post here. So sorry for the loss of the precious little one. Very sad story indeed.

  17. londre says:

    The fact the mother knew or didn’t know is irrelivant to the child’s murder. I read all the hate statements in the NYTimes website about Adrian playing Sunday like he doesn’t care, but Adrian only found out recently he had this son. He also started helping the mother and taking responsability toward the child. His escape is focused on his football; as was Favre’s focus the night after his father’s passing, yet nobody thought he hated his father because he played. Adrian is, amongst football players elite in his persona as well as his actions For people to degrade a man who has lost a son without knowing the full circumstances behind his thoughts and actions is ludicrus, moronic,and beyond belief. So if any of you jerks from NY read this K.M.A. Get a life and give the man a break he just lost his boy and yes he cares. RIP Little number 28!

  18. yippee says:

    JRP can look forward to some serious @ss-kickings for the rest of his destined-to-be-short life.

  19. Latrelle "Pyscho" Modster says:

    This guy is Asian? Or he is part black?

  20. Luna says:

    Stupid maddafucker.?the mom too, where the hell was she. Phsycho. U murderer

  21. JustRight says:

    Why hasn’t the mother of the poor murdered child been arrested for leaving him to be brutalized this maniac P.O.S? BS if she tries to deny knowledge of his violent tendencies.

    • susan jacobs says:

      I agree with you “just right” why would a mother keep her children around a person with a record like that?sooner or later he’s going to take his anger out on the child.especially if the child is not his.

  22. Rudy S says:

    Is he Asian?

  23. What a piece of trash. You don’t kill AP’s son and get away with it.

  24. msT says:

    Why do people keep asking if this guy is Asian. Look at him. Isn’t it freaking obvious??? duh. Shit how Asian can you get. And what does it matter what race he is? He killed a child. POS!!

    • susan jacobs says:

      thank you msT…I can’t understand why his race would be of any concern..

    • Derrell says:

      Looks like a half black and half Asian dude to me. He is therefore a nigger. He could be Filipino, who are half black and half Asian (mixed with Negritos). Filipinos and Blasians are stupid niggers!

  25. ashley releford says:

    I have three kids to boys 5 and 10 and a daughter that’s 7 I wish a nigga would putThey hands on my kids I would kill them

    • ashley releford says:

      What kind of mother leave There baby with a man that she really don’t know shit about now this Man will never see his son god bless your family

  26. Ms Lou says:

    My daughters are 29 and 34. My husband passed away 28 years ago. I never remarried for fear that I would bring the wrong person in around my girls. I had male friends but they were never allowed to live with me just for this reason. Back then we did not have access to the internet but God gave us the “What If” sense to use to protect our children.

  27. Rain says:

    He looks Vietnamese or Cambodian to me and looking at his Facebook his parents and siblings are white. He must be adopted. Wonder if his birth parents were nuts like him or he learned violence from his white adoptees? He talks about God a lot so I wonder if he got adopted by some Christian whack jobs who didn’t spare the rod. He beat a child for misbehaving in church so it makes me wonder. Nurture versus nature or a little of both? I hope he gets beaten to death in prison! I have a one year old son and I swear if someone murdered him, I would find a way to get to them! I always respect those parents who kill the people who abuse or kill their children!

    • James in Chicago says:

      Ah….yes, we knew that was coming….gotta blame whitey somehow, someway for this tragedy. Why can’t we blame the “pump n run” father who, by the way didn’t even know he “waz da daddy” until a few months ago?

    • Iggy Pop says:

      @Rain..Your comment only reinforces the fact that no single race has a monopoly on idiots!

  28. 101stABN says:

    I wonder why I haven’t heard anything about the mother yet? I would hope if she has anymore children they go into better care. Who would bring a POS like that around their kids anyways. I know that justice will be severed on him but I surely hope that she doesn’t get off easy either. My heart goes out to the peterson family and all others effected by this tragedy.

    • susan jacobs says:

      thank you “101stABN” the mother should have protected her child from this monster..i hope she feels guilt for the rest of her life.once he spanked him like he did for misbehaving in church that should have told her something.

  29. sirwood says:

    Vengence is mine says the inmate

  30. Kelly says:

    I hope you rot in hell you sick bastard. What those inmates are going to do to you in prison won’t be punishment enough. RIP to that little innocent baby who was taken too soon. It’s just not right

  31. smiley says:

    He looks like an asian sick pervert to me…smh

  32. limitlesskris says:

    the mother should be held accountable for this as well. They need to lock her up. When u put ur wants ahead of your only child Safety, u should receive the same punishment!

  33. Jay le says:

    Poor kid born to an irresponsible father that just spreading his seeds. The mother should have chosen a loyal man who will be a husband and father. Not a sex thing fling with no protection. A child should be cared by both father and mother and not a boyfriend. In the wild, male lions kills other male lions babies.

  34. America2013 says:

    The Good die you. Children are innocent for most people its the only real time of innocence in our lives. So the truely good do die youg. The guy who did this is a dead man walking. But his race does not matter. I have seen his pictures and he doesn’t look like a killer. And you can make any one look bad using the right camera angel. Yes mothers do your background checks..and if someone says your psycho for doing it background check that person probably hiding something. Men sleepin around not knowing what female they got knocked up Men are the protecters as much as the mothers are nurturers..

  35. Jay le says:

    I’m surprised it wasn’t a black dude you regularly see in the news. Asians are normally not like that. His wild girlfriend must have drove him nuts sleepy with anyone and not getting married but taking the high risk road. I wonder if she was getting child support from the playboy football guy who’s still inpregnating multiple woman.

    • WHAT says:

      So wait ‘asians are normally not like that’??? MOST HUMAN BEINGS AREN’T CRAZY ABUSIVE CHILD AND WOMAN BEATERS wtf are you saying?? @ JAY LE?? are you saying if the person were black you wouldn’t be surprised? find your nearest cliff and jump.

    • Ron says:

      Jay le,It is okay to be ignorant in some areas, but some people abuse the privilege. Are paralyzed from the neck up.

    • susan jacobs says:

      jay le you are just another red neck fool…whites commit crimes that never get reported,or get pushed under the rug…open your eyes since you don’t seem to have a mine and get the facts

  36. Kimberly says:

    I can’t believe that person, and I hesitate to use “person”, does not deserve to live. I live in Texas death penalty is quick and to the point, I hope the state he is in has this particular punishment for him. I would rather have that, over feeding him for life and just taking up space, even in a prison. God bless the family, I cannot imagine what they are going through.

  37. Jay Shearin says:

    Me being the woman I am, I don’t bring no other man only my children’s father home. I would at least have to know you for a year to even introduce you to my family! Some people are different you have to be careful who you expose your children to.

  38. Irene says:

    Someone commented on why the mother didn’t see the signs or even know bout his past arrests for child abuse. The dumb people that repled to his comment are dumb as hell. Yea, sure this happens all the time but if u see signs, it is YOUR obligation to make sure he is not around your child alone. C’mon now, she wasn’t blind, she seen it & now her son had to pay for it. I gurantee it wasn’t the 1st incident where he got angry with the little boy. Just because it happens don’t mean no one is at fault. It’s called negliegence

  39. Leroy Rutherford says:

    Doing a background check on a significant other isn’t psycho at all. If you have kids and want to introduce another adult figure to them, it would actually be irresponsible NOT to do a background check. Any responsible parent should know this. You could still be a complete nut case and not have any arrests, but still if a guy has a long police report than it is a parents right to know and investigate. Especially if it’s for really heinous crimes.

  40. Adam Meister says:

    No woman can preditc that a man is going to do this, however considering the fact he has a violent past, he had no business being around this kid whatsoever. The mother damn well knew this. Too many times women are fault for introducing any random guy to their little kids. I know from examples. I belong to a dating site called PlentyOfFish (I’m a 22yr old male who just got bored one day and decided to make one) and on NUMEROUS occassions have had single mothers wanted me to come over while their kids are at home. I’m talking like after a day of knowing them they’re ready for me to meet their children. It’s completely messed up and I would call the women out on their completely irresponsibe behavior. It disgusts me that women can be so naive and ignorant about something so serious.

  41. Greg Bailey says:

    You need to do background checks, my friend did it, he told his baby momma any man she dates he will meet with them and run a background check on them, if any criminal assault charges pop’s up he will seek full custody of his kids if she decide to have a relationship with them.

  42. Kai says:

    He’s disgusting.

  43. Jackie says:

    And the courts system failed that baby by letting this man or creature out to be hateful to other children along with their mother’s. Pray that God will forgive him for all of his sins to this world

  44. Tina says:

    How ANY woman would stay with a man who is abusive not only to her, but her CHILD, is beyond reprehensible! You put your child’s safety FIRST & FOREMOST!!! If this woman actually knew of his criminal past & the so called violence he inflicted on her & she continued to stay with him…I have ZERO sympathy for her. That little boy should have NEVER been around that sick SOB! Prayers to Adrian Peterson & his family & God Bless that lil angel! And may that sick BAST*RD become someone’s B*TCH in jail!!!

  45. Seriously says:

    This guy had a long record of abusive behavior and the system kept putting him back on the street – with his record, it was just a matter of time before he killed someone. Hopefully he gets 30 years or more.

  46. Mathew says:

    So her last boyfriend was Adrian Peterson and her new one is a child abusing ugly Asian? Damn…he must’ve been good in bed

    • Derrell says:

      He is not Asian. He is half black and half Asian. He is either half African American and half Asian, or full Filipino (Filipinos are half black). Therefore, this guy (like every other Filipino and Blasian) is a nigger.

  47. Jay le says:

    She should have closed her legs with Peterson who is a playboy who doesn’t care shiit about his son. Just a punk that goes around spreading his bad seed to every woman that’s willing to spread them. What does she find in this ugly black man? Did he pay for child support? Did he see his son? NO!!!

  48. Pathetic freakin’ Pho^ slurper!

  49. ASI ANGOD says:


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