Man Arrested for Killing Adrian Peterson’s Son Accused of Abusing 3 Year Old in 2012

Joseph Robert Patterson

Patterson is being charged with Aggravated battery of an infant and Aggravated Assault. He is currently being held on a $750k bond. has details Patterson’s criminal history.

A check of Patterson’s criminal background in South Dakota reveals nine pages of trouble.

Court documents reveal the 27 year old has been arrested multiple times on various charges. He was arrested in 2004 for violating a protection order, but that was later dropped by the prosecutor. A 2012 arrest for aggravated assault was also dismissed by a prosecutor. Patterson has served time in jail for Eluding officers in 2010. He was also sentenced to five days in jail after pleading guilty to simple assault last year.

Joey Patterson

One of those incidents included assaulting a 3-year-old child.

Patterson was indicted on several counts of simple assault involving the woman and her 3-year-old son in June of 2012.

The woman took out a protection order against him in Lincoln County prior to his arrest, saying he had spanked her 3-year-old so hard for misbehaving in church that he needed ice for welts on his buttocks. When she got angry with him for it, she wrote, he made the children go to their rooms, pulled the shades, grabbed her by the throat and waved his fist in her face.

He stopped when their infant son began to cry. She also wrote that he had behaved violently in the past.

“He has threaten (sic) to kill me multiple times,” she wrote.

The woman took out temporary protection orders against him twice in Minnehaha County prior to the birth of their son.

Patterson was given a one-year jail term in each Lincoln County case, with all the time suspended on the condition he attend domestic violence counseling.

Adrian Peterson’s son has passed away from injuries sustained in the assault.

95 thoughts on “Man Arrested for Killing Adrian Peterson’s Son Accused of Abusing 3 Year Old in 2012

  • Always so happy to see our parole system work. It’s a good thing that prison inmates just love to eff up child abusers. I look forward to this ugly prick getting real justice.

    • He will get his. This is the type of stuff that just turns my stomach. Won’t do this to a grown man, but a defenseless infant. Sick ass individual!!

    • This poor little baby was let down by by all those that were suppose to be protecting him. Adrian, like many fathers didnt keep up with his responsibilities like he should have or else he would have known what type of environment his own flesh and blood was in. Im sure this is NOT the first time this EVIL PIECE OF SHIT(PATTERSON) has touched this child and the mother ignored it or didnt care because this guy clearly had a 9 page long criminal history and a VERY bad temper. They all should be ashamed!!!

      • First of all “adrian, the so call father that didn’t keep up with his responsiblities” only found out he was the child’s father not long ago. his first time meeting him was at the hospital when he was in a coma. Get your facts straight before you go man-hating. publicly.

  • Pretty freaking sick.

  • The only thing that could make anyone feel better for one second, the brothers, especially the Vikings fans, are going to seriously fck this guy up no matter how long hi sentence. One day, one year, one death sentence, I doubt he makes it to his 30the birthday.
    AND yes, the judge and da in those other cases, are culpable.

    • “AND yes, the judge and da in those other cases, are culpable.”

      No they don’t. They didn’t lay a hand on the child.

      And no the assumption that the dude who killed the kid is going to die doesn’t make me feel good. A little kid died. There is not one good thing to come from this.

      • Your pacifist attitude regarding peoples desire to see this scumbag dead would be laudable except for one thing; The name you chose to represent yourself here. TED BUNDY? He murdered my cousins best friend (Lisa Levy) and if I could have been able to meet out My brand of justice he would have been begging for the electric chair! So spare us all your Ghandi like posts you dare to share with us, whilst tagging yourself with that scunbags moniker.

        • You’re an idiot Iggy, you want someone to spare their comments, how about spare yours?

        • Even Adrian Peterson trusts in God, believes in forgiveness, and justice. This guy will get justice. And yet you and so many others have more hatred for the guy who did this than he does.

  • All that keeps running thru my head when I keep reading about the story is why the child’s mother didn’t see the red flags. This is not his 1st time assaulting a minor. And she had moved in with him at this point and this is information she didn’t know?
    About the man you have around your child. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not placing blame on her this is just what keeps crossing my mind as I read this story over and over.

    • did you even read the article?

    • You assume people make wise decisions all of the time. You must be young, and I like your rose colored glasses. Sad to say, this happens way more than you think. Abusive relationships that is.

    • I completely agree. In michigan a mother can be charged with the same charge but with less sentencing if in an abuse case like this there is evidence that she put her child in a situation that was endangering. Its quite obvious that there were signs this man has a track record for abuse and criminal assault so far beyond what is even being shown on the internet. Its sickening.

    • It is so amazing what a penis does to a lady.

    • I agree. Background checks should be a must when allowing someone to rest their head in the home your child is in.

  • this guy needs to be put away for a very long time let the prisoners have there way with him

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