Man Arrested for Sending Threatening Tweets to Mets Players; Classic Mugshot

Aryn Leroux

I hate to stereotype but if someone asked me what would a white guy look like that spent the majority of his time sending threatening tweets to players, I would probably describe someone similar to the man above.

Deadspin has the details.

Aryn Leroux, a 42-year-old from West Haven, Conn., has been arrested and charged with second-degree threatening and breach of peace for allegedly sending a lots and lots of threatening tweets to Mets players, coaches, executives, and a “specific threat” to Citi Field.

A little convincing sleuthwork from Rich MacLeod seems to indicate that Leroux is notorious Twitter troll @danXtanna

I hope they put him in jail for a while.  Not, a life sentence, but enough time for him to understand that Twitter trolling does have some repercussions.