Man Who Raised AP’s Son Says He’s “Tired Of This ‘Poor Adrian Sh*t”

Adrian Peterson Bobby Ruffin

We reported last week on the tragic death of Adrian Peterson’s 2-year-old son and how AP only recently learned he was the child’s father.

TMZ is now reporting that Bobby Ruffin, the man who thought he was the boy’s father, has spoken out via Facebook regarding the tragedy and the attention Peterson has been getting.

“Yes A.P. he was the biological father but I raised him and he carried my name. Tyrese Robert Ruffin. I don’t blame AP for not really caring cuz him and I both found out recently who the biological father was.”

“AP met my son for the first time yest when my son was already in coma. I was here today when we pulled the plug, not him. He was happily practicing and has no problem playing on Sunday.”

“So yea this isn’t all out yet but I’m sick of the poor AP sh*t. He didn’t know or even meet my son. Sorry for the outburst but put yourself in my place.”

It’s always very saddening when a child dies and especially under circumstances like this. I do understand Ruffin’s point and can’t imagine how painful this has all been for him, but it’s important to not point the finger and lay blame where it doesn’t belong. Peterson didn’t ask for all the attention, but because of his fame it was given to him.  I continue to pray for the families affected by this horrific event and that justice will be served.

28 thoughts on “Man Who Raised AP’s Son Says He’s “Tired Of This ‘Poor Adrian Sh*t”

  • Has anyone checked into who Bobby Ruffin is? I’ll help you out – he is a PIMP living in Las Vegas. He briefly had a medical sales job, but other than that he is a “club promoter” (ie. professional partier) in Vegas who pimps out the woman he lives with here (her name is Sadaf). Claims he gets $1000 a night for her. THAT is where he got the $ to support what turned out to be Adrian Peterson’s son.

  • I image AP did have some emotions after finding out he had a son at essentially the same time he found out that same son had been seriously injured. Yes, Ruffin has emotions over a kid he cared for and thought was his but let’s not down play the other . . .

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