Marlins No-Hitter Memorial Tickets Were Just PDFs with the Wrong Date (Photo)



Once again the Miami Marlins organization has stooped to shameless when it comes to the few loyal fans that they have. When Henderson Alvarez pitched a no-hitter on September 29th, it was one of the few shining moments of the club’s season. However, leave it to the back office to somehow put a blemish on even that.

The New Times reported that the Marlins had announced to fans yesterday that they would be selling unsold tickets from the no-hitter as memorabilia to honor the game. Well, the “tickets” turned out to be PDFs that fans had to printout themselves, and the PDFs had the wrong date of October 3rd.


Though I’m sure the organization wishes there were games to be played in October, the Marlins less than stellar regular season record won’t allow that. Thankfully, since news of the treachery spread, the organization has contacted fans that bought the PDFs and promised to replace them with real tickets that have the correct date. The sale will continue until Sunday. Let’s hope the Marlins get it right this time.