Matt Flynn Makes More Than Luck, RG3, Wilson, And Tannehill Combined


Adam Schefter just blessed us with this little nugget of information, and we felt it only right to share.

Unemployed former Raiders quarterback Matt Flynn won the lottery when he got a huge contract from the Seahawks after putting up Tom Brady like numbers in two fill in appearances for Aaron Rodgers.

How lucky is Flynn.  The weak armed quarterback pocketed more than $14.5 million in two seasons for one start.  The 28-year-old former LSU quarterback has a $6.5 million fully guaranteed contract for 2013.

That $6.5 million is more than Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson and Ryan Tannehill will all make this season combine.

Andrew Luck $1,394,959

Robert Griffin III $1,394,959

Ryan Tannehill $480,000

Brandon Weeden $757,436

Russell Wilson $526,217

Total $4,553,571 

MattFlynn $6,500,000

Of course the other four quarterbacks are all working on their rookie deals and will make Flynn’s career earnings in one signing bonus.

There’s nothing like being an NFL clipboard holder.

Matt Flynn