Matt Schaub Vows To Shake Off Criticism, “Cut It Loose”



Matt Schaub blew a game, deleted his Twitter account, and saw his jersey burned all in the same week.

Schaub knows he needs to shake off the disappointment and criticism from last week.  During an interview with the Houston Chronicle, Schaub promised to cut it loose against the 49ers this week.

“I’ve been around [criticism] enough that you just tune it out. You don’t even pay attention to it. You just go out and cut it loose.”

“Yeah, I definitely think so,” he said. “[But] you know what? I don’t have time to really even process any of that, because it’s on to the next [game].

“You don’t have time to look at the rearview mirror, good or bad. You have to have a short-term memory, or you’re going to be affected. That’s not the way I am. That’s not the way this team is.

Schaub made it clear he wouldn’t forget the jersey burning, and vowed to make that right.

“My goal is to make sure, when we’re done (with) this thing at the end of the year, he’s going back out, and he’s going to get one (No. 8 jersey) to wear,” Schaub said about the burning of his jersey.