Miami Finally Gets Ruling from NCAA, Loses 9 Scholarships and No Bowl Ban



The long process of waiting since 2010 is over for Miami. The story broke back in August of 2010 that booster Nevin Shapiro had basically went rogue. Miami is going to lose 9 scholarships over three seasons and have no further bowl ban according to sources.

Miami had sat out the last two postseasons including an ACC title game in hope that self imposing a ban would help them. I looks like it did. However I wouldn’t say that “it’s just nine scholarships.” You have to keep in mind the self imposed ban for a couple years and the damage done to the program will hanging in limbo.

I’m sure Canes fans are just happy this is over.


  1. The U and Penn State got slaps on the wrists while USC got bull whipped on the back. Somebody high up at the NCAA obviously hates USC, could that be Mark Emmert?

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