Michael Beasley Needs Medical Attention After Punching Himself


Michael Beasley has been given a second chance at redemption in the NBA with the Miami Heat, but unfortunately for Beasley, there always seems to something that overshadows any good that he does. The latest in unfortunate events for Beasley comes in his first game back with the Miami Heat. CBS Sports reports that Beasley needed medical attention for punching himself too hard out of frustration.

Beasley was upset at himself for a traveling call, so he began punching himself in the head. However, he punched himself so hard that he required a steel compress to be applied to his brow in the locker room. Beasley spoke to the media and said:

“Overall,” he said, “I give myself a B-minus, C-plus. I’m just trying to teach myself to do everything hard.”

It’s good to know that Beasley is pushing himself to do better, but injuring himself may not be the best way to make a statement on the court.

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