Michael Beasley Says If Heat Don’t Win a Title It is His Fault

Michael Beasley Mugshot

You have to ignore Beasley he still might be a little high.

Best case scenario he is a quality role player for the Heat, he isn’t going to make or break them, but here is what he had to say.

“If I come here and we don’t win, I’m the one to blame. There’s pressure and then it’s not. It’s not pressure because I’m playing with some of the greatest the game has to offer. I’m really not that worried about that now. It’s good and it’s bad. Like I said, I’m working hard and taking it day by day.”

Beasley also said he hopes that the Heat can keep him in check, which doesn’t sound like he is that confident he can stay out of trouble, but since his contract isn’t guaranteed there is no risk for the Heat.