Michael Jordan is Auctioning Off Chicago Mansion


The housing market crash seems to be affecting everyone including former NBA superstar Michael Jordan. Business Insider reports that Jordan had placed his Chicago suburbs mansion on sale for $29 million earlier this year but has yet to get any takers on the stunning property. In fact, Jordan took $8 million off the asking price in July and still no one took the bait.

The house stands on 56,000 square feet and reportedly has 19 bathrooms. Concierge Auctions will now try to help Jordan with the sale by holding an auction on November 22nd, and all participants must have a $250K deposit in order to be eligible to bid. Jordan says he simply didn’t need a home that big now that his kids are grown.

Now the last check shows that Jordan has three kids with his ex-wife Juanita, so there isn’t any real answer as to why a house with 19 bathrooms was a necessity for his family, but that is neither here nor there. Good luck to Jordan with getting this property off of his hands.

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  • Dozens of rich celebrities are selling their oversized mansions. They must know something that the general public doesn’t.

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