Michael Strahan on NFL Sack Record: If You Don’t Like It, Break It


Michael Strahan is tired of talking about his NFL sack record, and the asterisk next to it.

Strahan’s record-breaking sack of Brett Favre in the 2001 season will never fully be appreciated because feel Favre simply laid down for Strahan.

During Tuesday night’s “A Football Life” on NFL Network, Strahan spoke about how much criticism he’s taken over that one play, and it how continues to bother him.

“I just hate that it got caught up in the wash of the record-breaking sack,” the former New York Giantsdefensive end said.

“The sack record’s great — absolutely phenomenal, but I almost feel like in a sense it was diminished, because everyone goes, ‘Oh, Brett Favre gave you a sack.’ I caught so much flak over it. It’s not worth it, because everyone looks as if one sack that they question is the defining moment of my career.

“I didn’t have a sack in the first three weeks of the season. So from four weeks on — 13 games, 22-and-a-half sacks. That’s hard to match, and I’ve never spoken like this about it, because I’ve always kind of taken it, but I always have to say, if you don’t like it, then break it.”

There you have it from the man himself.