Mike Pereira Snitches on Raiders Coach For Flipping off Refs (Photo)

jenkins finger

Yesterday Mike Jenkins got flagged for a personal foul that really upset Raiders defensive coordinator Jason Tarver. So much so that he allegedly cursed at the ref and he gave them the finger. That was be funny enough by itself but where it gets weird is that Mike Pereira, the NFL’s former Vice President of Officiating and current Fox analyst noticed and called Tarver out, even writing a column about it. He even went as far as to brag that he called the league office:

“[Tarver] twice dropped F-bombs on the officials and both times flipped them the bird.

I still felt that the league needed to know about it and that’s why I called. If you want to call me a whistleblower, then call me a whistleblower because I let the league office know about it.

This kind of behavior is totally unacceptable.”

Pereira is a punk for doing that I would never condone someone snitching about something so silly. Yes Tarver can’t go all Dez on the sidelines but bragging about calling the office like a hall monitor? Thats too far.

The best part though: the flag got picked up.