Mike Pouncey Served Grand Jury Subpoena Related To Aaron Hernandez Case

pouncey served

The Massachusetts State Police served Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey with a grand jury subpoena right after the Dolphins game with the Patriots earlier today. According to the report from SI.com:

A source with knowledge of the matter told SI.com that the subpoena is related to the investigation into Aaron Hernandez, Pouncey’s close friend and former teammate at the University of Florida. The source indicated that police are focusing in on Hernandez’s potential involvement in interstate gun trafficking, which is being investigated by several agencies in multiple states — at least Massachusetts, New York and Florida.

The extent of Pouncey’s potential involvement is undetermined, but police are focusing on multiple transactions that involve him and Hernandez. “Organizationally, we do not have a comment,” said Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene. “And Mike Pouncey does not have a comment.”

You never want to be involved with a case that needs you to be subpoenaed by a grand jury. However, lets also remember that this does not mean Pouncey will be charged with or committed a crime. However, we do know that the Pouncey twins were tight with Hernandez, even sporting “Free Hernandez” hats back in July.

There has been increased investigation into Hernandez’ gun activity their source said because signs point to Hernandez being involved with a large-scale, multi-state gun running operation. Let’s see how this all plays out for Pouncey though.