Mike Wallace Wants More Deep Balls

Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans

We already know that Mike Wallace isn’t happy with his role in the Dolphins offense since he complained after week 1 with one of the best lines of the year “ask coach.” Well it only took a few more weeks for him to pop off again:

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that Wallace was asked Tuesday if he wanted to have more deep balls thrown in his direction and answered “yeah” before Dolphins staffers intervened and said Wallace had talked enough for the day.

I love the fact that the Dolphins staff jumped in and saved him from himself. It would help if he caught the ones thrown to him though. Mike Sherman was asked about it and said they won’t force it:

“We’re getting more two safety-looks totake away deeper looks. We called 12 deep balls [Monday],” Sherman said. “They didn’t go there because coverage didn’t allow it to go there. You can’t force things when they’re not there.”

Even though the Dolphins are off to a nice 3-1 start, I get the feeling Mike Wallace will be a headache for them all season. You would think the winning would help him stay quiet but that just isn’t the wide receiver way.