Mike Woodson on JR Smith: ‘He’s got to grow up’

JR Smith Club 4

JR Smith has had an interesting summer. He got suspended, admitted he delayed knee surgery until after his contract extension, he got that Bane looking car, and guaranteed a title. I’m sure head coach Mike Woodson was sick of hearing about the sixth man of the year in the news. Well he voiced his frustration according to the AP:

“I’m not going to throw him out to the pasture,” Woodson said. “My job is to coach him and make sure something like what happened doesn’t happen again. That’s what we do as coaches, and I expect his teammates to show him love. But at the end of the day he’s got to do the right thing by J.R. and his teammates, and me as a coach and this organization and the fans that support him. I mean, that’s what it’s all about.

“He’s got to grow up and do the right things.”

Mike Woodson is in a tough spot all the time it seems since he coaches the Knicks and they have some colorful personalities. However, my sympathy only extends so much considering they just gave him a contract extension knowing that he is a loose cannon. With the season starting up soon, we will find out of JR can stay out of trouble and bring that championship to New York.