MMA Fighter Quits Mid-Match, Jumps out of Cage And Runs (Video)


I’ve never seen anything quite like this, and would have to refer to our resident mixed martial arts guru Kel for some explanation.

Evilasio Silva (8-12) and Claudinei Angelo (4-5) were battling at JF Fight Evolution in Juiz de Fora, Brazil when something strange suddenly happened.

A sports known for the heart and courage it takes to survive, suddenly had a coward in the midst.

According to MMA Fighting, Claudinei Angelo was actually controlling the action when his mouth piece got knocked out.

The ref stopped the bout and asked Angelo to put his mouthpiece back in. Angelo then lost his mouthpiece again, and the ref stopped the bout once again.

Once the ref saw that Angelo was spitting out his mouthpiece to recover from taking punches, he refused to stop the fight again.

Claudinei Angelo then asked for a “time out”.   At that point, he decided to quit.   The door to the octagon was locked, so he jumped the fence and left the building.