Nate Robinson Says He Would Have Been One Of The Best NFL Corners Ever

Nate Robinson Thinks He Could Have Played In The NFL.

There’s probably not another 5’9 guy with more confidence and heart than Nate Robinson.

This next statement by “Nate the great” is a prime example of that confidence via Believe the Hype NBA 

If I was in the NFL, I’d probably be at least, like, the first or second DB in the NFL. One, two or three, I’d say, because [Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback] Darrelle] Revis is pretty solid, [Arizona Cardinals corner] Patrick Peterson is pretty solid and you got my man Sherman holding it down. It’d be a tough position, but the level that I was playing football at at the time, I was — you know, it was fun for me and it came pretty easy. […] And I only gave it a year in college, so for me, it’d be pretty scary to think about, you know, my future in football. If I really gave it my all, and stopped focusing on basketball, and gave everything I had on football, I’d probably be one of the best corners the NFL has ever seen.

You may have forgotten that Robinson was a high school two-sport star athlete in Seattle. He only played one year of college football at Washington before deciding to focus fully on basketball.

So who knows, maybe Robinson could have been one of the greatest corners in NFL history but I think he made the right decision.