NCAA To Consider Rule Change That Allows Unlimited Snacks For Athletes


NCAA rules are constantly being reviewed, revised, and changed as the organization tries to evolve with the constant changes in collegiate sports.

Several rule changes are being proposed for the 2013-2014 legislative cycle, including when recruiters can begin communicating with high school students, changes to what meal plans are available to student athletes based on financial aid eligibility, and giving schools the ability to provide athletes with unlimited snacks.

Additionally, the Council sponsored two separate proposals that would allow schools to give unlimited snacks and additional meals to student-athletes, outside of what they receive through their traditional scholarship. The first proposal would allow schools to provide meals in conjunction with practice during the playing season and other noncompetitive events. The second proposal would allow schools to provide meals “incidental with participation” both in and out of season.

Snacks huh? Nice that they’re trying to make sure student athletes are fed, but you’d think the NCAA would be more interested in trying to fix its antiquated dictatorship than about schools’ ability to provide snacks. But, I guess not.

The Division I legislative council will vote on the proposals at the NCAA national convention in January.

One thought on “NCAA To Consider Rule Change That Allows Unlimited Snacks For Athletes

  • For those of you that didn’t know, student athletes don’t get free meals during the off season. During the season, student athletes only receive one free meal a day, usually dinner. Not only is the NCAA against student athletes getting paid, they also want them to starve! This is why millions of people call the NCAA N C Double ***holes!

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