NFL Players Major Wright & Terrance Williams Being Sued Over African Diamonds


Terrance Williams

Wright and Williams decided to get into the diamond business, but are being accused of not repaying a loan.

Wright and Williams operate a diamond trading company called TDW Diamonds, and allegedly borrowed $75,000 last year in order to purchase raw South African diamonds (ranging from 21-31.5 carats).

Problem is … the lenders are saying they still haven’t been repaid, and the interest rate is borderline mafia-level.

According to their lawsuit, lenders Jimmy Michel and Marc Geffrard claim Wright & co promised to repay the loan PLUS 100% interest by March 2012 … a total of $150,000

100% interest? Sounds a little shady, according to TMZ you can’t collect more than 18% on any loan in Florida. Wright and Williams need to be careful, people who charge 100% interest normally have more violent ways to get their money, if they courts don’t work.


  1. There has to be more to this story. If they were going direct, they’d have to have more than $75K to be taken serious at the mines as a diamond buyer.

    Diamond speculation has increased. It sounds to me like they got talked into a diamond deal for a $75K stake. It doesn’t sound like a very legit deal either.

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