NFL Scout: “LeBron James would dominate the NFL.”


The question has been asked for almost a decade now, but it still remains, could the king of Akron really be dominant in the NFL.

LeBron James got the ball rolling earlier this week when he stated that “before it’s all said and done, he’d like to play in one NFL game.”

Mike Freeman of the Bleacher Report decided to ask three NFL scouts their opinion on James as an NFL prospect.  According to Freeman, the question was simple, “How would James fare in the NFL? Not from five years ago, but now. How would he do right now?”

The answers were not shocking.

Scout One: “I really believe that in a matter of a few months, after some serious practice and contact, he’d be the best non-quarterback player in football. He’d play tight end, and he’d be better than [Rob Gronkowski] or any other tight end. He’d be better than Megatron. LeBron James would dominate the NFL.”

Scout Two: “My question would be what would happen once the hitting started? I also don’t think he’d be able to block, which would be a liability to some degree—but there have been great tight ends who couldn’t block. In today’s game, blocking by the tight end isn’t as huge a deal as it once was. … He’d be an impossible matchup. He’d draw a pass inference penalty every play. You couldn’t cover him with one guy. The Megatron comparison is a good one. Megaton is what [6’5″], and LeBron is [6’8″] and can run probably faster. He’s young, still (28). He’d be in that Megatron mold only bigger, stronger, faster. Think about a [receiver] that would be better than Megatron, better than [Gronkowski]. A lot better. That would be LeBron.”

Scout Three: “He wouldn’t be able to take the physical abuse. A guy that tall crossing the middle of the field would get killed. I don’t think he would last a single game.”

Then the scout made an interesting point.

“He would be a huge target, because every player would want to knock the piss out of LeBron James.”

Say what you want about his physical gifts.

Yes basketball at the highest level can be a physical game.  It’s not even close to playing football. The question simply would be, could LeBron handle the physical pounding of football.

I’m going to say yes, strictly off the premise that he was an all state receiver his last two seasons of playing high school football.


Had LeBron never played football before, then I might question his ability to handle the physicality.

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  • uhhhh…high school contact and pro contact are just a tad different…..

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