NFL Won’t Let Brandon Marshall Wear Green Shoes for Mental Illness Awareness



Earlier this week Brandon Marshall warned the league that he would wear green shoes to promote Mental Health Awareness Week by saying this:

“One of the things I’m going to do is wear lime green spikes this week,” said Marshall, who deals with Borderline Personality Disorder himself. “The league’s going to hit me with a nice, little fine and I’m asking them to take my money and the money I’m going to match and give it to a great foundation doing some work in the mental health community.”

To quote Lee Corso: “no so fast my friend!” The NFL has informed Marshall that he will not be allowed to take the field this week if he comes out in green shoes.

It’s difficult to pick and choose which cause means more and the NFL can’t have guys out there wearing anything they want. However, this looks bad for the NFL who rightly has a reputation of constantly wanting to show the players who the boss is. Still though, Marshall brought awareness to a worthy cause that most fans probably weren’t aware of.

*Update* It is now being reported that Marshall will only be subject to a fine since he is not a repeat offender.


  1. It may seem cruel, but when you work for a private company, you have to obey their rules. The F in NFL does not stand for Fair.

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