NY Daily News Calls Geno Smith a “Star” Same Way They Did Mark Sanchez (Photo)


After a chaotic off-season where everyone had written them off, the New York Jets have started the 2013 season 3-2 and second place in the AFC East. Starting QB Geno Smith didn’t have the best preseason, so no one foresaw the kind of performance that Smith has given of late. Now Bleacher Report has gotten wind of something that might disturb Jets fans and take away from the pleasant surprises of their team.

After Smith’s performance on Monday, The New York Daily News published a story about Geno Smith reveling in the fact that Jets might just have found their franchise QB and new ‘star.’ Several years ago the same publication printed a similar story about Mark Sanchez when he debuted and performed well throughout his first five games for the Jets. Normally I don’t believe in coincidences, but the way things usually end up for the Jets, I would have to say this is definitely some form of foreshadowing. Sorry Jets fans.