Oregon WR Josh Huff Twitter Rant After NCAA Shuts Down His Bday Party (Photos)


The NCAA certainly has a hold on the life of a college athlete, but at least one Oregon Ducks player decided to speak out against the organization. Bleacher Report has learned that Ducks WR Josh Huff was planning on throwing a birthday party for himself where he charged guest admission. When the NCAA got wind of this, they must’ve gently reminded Huff that accepting this sort of money is against the NCAA rules, and therefore Huff could no longer charge his guests anything.¬†Because of this, Huff says he was forced to cancel the party and proceeded to go on an epic Twitter rant against the NCAA.

Keep in mind that the NCAA didn’t tell Huff that he had to cancel the party but only that he wasn’t allowed to charge an admission fee. The audacious Huff certainly has a lot of pride in his name if he thinks people should pay or party with him or not at all. Placing the blame for the cancelation of the party was definitely an easier alternative rather than telling people that the party was canceled due to the fact that he could no longer charge them for his company.