Pau Gasol Says He Won’t Take Pay Cut To Stay With Lakers


Pau Gasol is in the final year of his contract with the Lakers and his future is not so set in stone.

Gasol of course is a free agent next summer, and even though he’s spent the better part of three trying not to get traded, he won’t sacrifice his money to stay with the Lakers either.

According to the  LA Daily News, Gasol probably won’t take a pay cut to stay with the Lakers.

In the interest of the Lakers maximizing their financial flexibility, would Gasol accept taking a significant paycut?

“Probably not,” he said. “You have to explore your options, but I would like to continue to play for the Lakers and maybe finish my career here. But you have to see the cards on the table.”

The 35 year old Gasol has the credentials to bet on himself.  He may not have high value to the Lakers, but Yahoo Sports thinks that if Gasol enters the market, he’ll be flush with offers.