Paul Pierce Sends LeBron A Message With Hard Preseason Foul (Video)


For some NBA players, seeing LeBron James barreling at them coming full speed can be a nightmare in itself.  Allowing James to run over you on his way to the basket can be even worse.

During the Heat vs Nets preseason game Paul Pierce sent LeBron James a message that should hold some weight for months to come.

Unless you’ve been under a rock somewhere, the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics hated each other.   That hatred has been transferred to the Brooklyn Nets after acquiring Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett from the Celtics.

Throw in the back and forth between both teams stars over the past few days, and you were bound to have some sparks fly during the teams next possible matchup.

Those sparks flew a little bit when James got a rebound for the Heat and started barreling towards the rim like a locomotive.

Rather than let LeBron deliver the blow, or even score, Pierce hit LeBron with a hard foul that Rick Mahorn would be proud of.

I expect these two teams to matchup at least 11 times this season.

You do the math.

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  • What’s the message? Brother can I borrow a ring?

    • He’s already got a ring, you Heat groupie faggot. You’re probably not even from Florida.

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