Peyton Manning says The Jaguars Are a Good NFL Football Team


You can never afford to take you eye off an opponent in the NFL. Yes the Jags may stink so bad  that people actually think Tim Tebow can save them, but they are still an NFL team. Peyton seems to have his focus in the right place with these comments:

 We’re playing a good NFL football team,” Manning told reporters on Wednesday, via Pro Football Talk. “I don’t look at anything besides what I see on the tape on defense, and I see a team that’s stingy in the red zone, I see some offenses that have made some really good plays against them, that have been hard to defend. Certainly, you know, it’s a team with a lot of pride.”

“We have a lot of things we’ve got to improve on,” Manning said. “A lot of mistakes that we made in that game in Dallas. Certainly some good things that we’re building on but there are still plenty of mistakes, things we can correct. It’s actually not hard in my opinion to watch the tape and be pleased with some of the things that we’ve been doing but be motivated to correct some of the mistakes.”

I know that it sounds funny for him to say this but I think he is taking the right approach. Perhaps he knows that losing your focus could lead to a losing streak. Maybe he just has been watching tape on them and truly believes that what he has seen makes them a good team. This is a glimpse into why Peyton is always so prepared.