Philadelphia Bar Refuses to Show Eagles Games Until Mike Vick is Off Team


Even though Mike Vick has paid his debt to society for his involvement in the dogfighting ring, there are people that will never get past it. Vick was just voted the NFL’s #1 disliked player again and now Dobbie’s, a Philly bar will not show Eagles games until Vick is gone from the team. The owner Patty Brett had this to say:

“Because of what Michael Vick has done to those animals, I can’t in good conscience support the Eagles while he’s a member of the team,” she said. “He murdered and tortured animals and I can’t forgive him for that.”

Just the mention of Vick is enough to bring Patty Brett to tears.

“I rescue animals and I’m an animal advocate,” she said. “And I’m probably going to get upset.”

I know people love their dogs but seriously it’s time to let the active anger towards Vick go. If people boycott her bar, she will probably just blame Vick.

Don’t let Marcus Vick find out.

22 thoughts on “Philadelphia Bar Refuses to Show Eagles Games Until Mike Vick is Off Team

  • If they were winning more would it be an issue? If it were Peyton Manning would she say the same thing? GTFOH!!!

  • That really disturbs me that you can’t forgive a man for dog fighting but you can for guys that are former alleged rapist. Just can’t figure that out.

  • But the games were televised in her bar when it was obvious he still had a future here? HAHA. Hypocrite. Hell he was in town 3 or 4 years now. Now she makes a stand? In certain communities violent fighting is perfectly normal if not morally right. Mexicans got cock fighting. Blacks got pit bulls. Whites game hunting. Women got man belittlement and wealth redistribution via the marriage courts.

  • Well if she goes broke what she gon do sue Vick…Vick will still have money.I hope the place tanks serves her right….STUPID BAT!!!

  • Maybe its time for vick to retire… but why is a bar getting recognition for something they are doing? Thoa shows the class of the philly fams and reflects negative of the people of philly.

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