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Philadelphia Bar Refuses to Show Eagles Games Until Mike Vick is Off Team

by Greg Smith | Posted on Monday, October 28th, 2013
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Even though Mike Vick has paid his debt to society for his involvement in the dogfighting ring, there are people that will never get past it. Vick was just voted the NFL’s #1 disliked player again and now Dobbie’s, a Philly bar will not show Eagles games until Vick is gone from the team. The owner Patty Brett had this to say:

“Because of what Michael Vick has done to those animals, I can’t in good conscience support the Eagles while he’s a member of the team,” she said. “He murdered and tortured animals and I can’t forgive him for that.”

Just the mention of Vick is enough to bring Patty Brett to tears.

“I rescue animals and I’m an animal advocate,” she said. “And I’m probably going to get upset.”

I know people love their dogs but seriously it’s time to let the active anger towards Vick go. If people boycott her bar, she will probably just blame Vick.

Don’t let Marcus Vick find out.

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  1. Preme says:

    If they were winning more would it be an issue? If it were Peyton Manning would she say the same thing? GTFOH!!!

  2. Deon says:

    That really disturbs me that you can’t forgive a man for dog fighting but you can for guys that are former alleged rapist. Just can’t figure that out.

  3. Bobby says:

    But the games were televised in her bar when it was obvious he still had a future here? HAHA. Hypocrite. Hell he was in town 3 or 4 years now. Now she makes a stand? In certain communities violent fighting is perfectly normal if not morally right. Mexicans got cock fighting. Blacks got pit bulls. Whites game hunting. Women got man belittlement and wealth redistribution via the marriage courts.

  4. dee says:

    Well if she goes broke what she gon do sue Vick…Vick will still have money.I hope the place tanks serves her right….STUPID BAT!!!

  5. hater haters says:

    Maybe its time for vick to retire… but why is a bar getting recognition for something they are doing? Thoa shows the class of the philly fams and reflects negative of the people of philly.

  6. Philly Love says:

    Vick has been in philadelphia for over 4 years now and now this comes up. This really sounds like somebody who is looking for attention maybe because her bar is failing. What part Mike Vick played wasn’t right at all but it’s been over 5 years the man served his time, gave back to the community what else does he have to do? Here in America we focuse extremely to much on animals and not enough on our people, how about we focus more on bettering our communites, helping the homeless and less fortunate.

  7. cole says:

    Bitch is an idiot. Hope her bar fails.

  8. Jared says:

    Good for her. A shame she didn’t mention attempted murder, intentionally giving women herpes, drug trafficking, and probation violations to numerous to count.

  9. Denny says:

    Thanks for the heads up, will never stop for a drink here. When you refuse to show EAGLES Games, that is a slap to the face of the team and Philly fans. BOYCOT

  10. Jared says:

    Gotta love the people who hate on a woman who doesn’t want to support torture of dogs, abuse of women, drug trafficking and attempted murder.

  11. Joe jeziyo says:

    This bitch has no clue, she thinks Vick is the most evil person on the earth. He serve 2 years in prison for his crime, like it or not nobody’s gonna do life for harming animal. Did you forget hunting is a big sport? Shelter euthanize dogs everyday because they are over crowed, why? Because either people have abandon their dogs or a lot of landlords don’t allow them in rentals. How does this woman know she’s not serving a person who fights dogs, a rapists, a murderer, a criminal. Just because you know who Vick is and what he did doesn’t give you the right to judge him and hold a grudge, I don’t give a damn how much you love pets. I love dogs too and though I never faught my dogs, I seen plenty of dog fights in the hood on regular basis. It is what it is, even cops don’t bother much stopping this from happening, I’m sure they know what goes on in the ghetto. If you’re gonna hate Vick, well bitch you better hate everybody including yourself.

  12. Jared says:

    You know Vick didn’t serve time for dog fighting right? Unlike the man who got 30 years for it shortly after Vick got nothing. He served 18months for a gambling operation. He got away with drug trafficking a slap on the wrist for intentionally giving women herpes. Since he got out he has gotten away with probation violations and attempted murder. How dare someone not want to support that…

  13. Geroid says:

    Vick has never been convicted of any drug offenses where do you spinless people get your info?

  14. cody says:

    He wasnt charged with attempted murder you dumb fuck and he served 23 of his 24 months also having 2 monthsof home confinement after and he wasnt charged with drug traficking you stupid piece of shit a vehicle in his name was stoped with weed in it so he wasnt charged so he is innocent till provin guilty then right people like you are pathetic and slowly ruining this country go make shit up somewhere else all of you should find someone who hasnt changed to fuck with this man has changed and served for his mistakes move on you low life scum

  15. Jared says:

    Exactly my point he got away with it. They did not charge him for trafficking when they caught him smuggling weed on a plane. They didn’t charge him when he shot the guy who rolled on him. But hey maybe he will assault or kill someone close to you next or steal your pet to torture see what you think of him then.

  16. Jared says:

    First I wasn’t talking about drugs in his car I was talking about drugs on him getting on a plane with drugs.. When has he changed? After he tried to kill a man who rolled on him? When he shown he thought he was above the rules and cried to the judge because he wanted a dog again? Or was it when he did the team/court mandated PSAs to make millions?

    If he does anything to show he is changed once he is not getting paid to do so then I will believe he may have changed. But he has yet to do anything other then what is needed for his job, court or PR

  17. E.Henderson says:

    It’s sad in our society that people can’t forgive people that had made mistakes in their life. I bet she has over served someone in her bar that cause innocent person to get killed or kill someone else because that person was intoxicated that left her bar driving a car . What does that make her! Take a look at yourself before you judge others!

  18. Jared says:

    When Vick shows remorse more people may forgive him but as long as his stance is “If I could go back and change the way I did things I wouldn’t” it’s hardtop believe he is sincere.

  19. John says:

    Guess I won’t be spending any money at your bar. Get over it already and stop being judgmental. He doesn’t answer to you or me anyway, and if he and God are ok, it’s none of my business to judge whether the punishment is enough or whether he’s sincere. If he and God aren’t ok, he’s got bigger problems than you. I say leave the man alone – he’s done nothing but handle the situation with poise and class.

  20. Jon says:

    I have been an Eagles fan since I first gained interest in the NFL as a child. Add to that I am a pitbull owner. When I first heard about Vick and the dog fighting my first thought was wow he should be shot. After thinking about it and giving it some time, my thoughts remained the same. Now I watch an Eagles game here and there with my fingers crissed that Vick will have his head taken off on a big hit. I coukd never forgive what he did, where dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend Vick and his cronies took advantage and manipulated the trust that those dogs had in their owners.

    I currently have a 4 yo female pitbull that thinks the world of you when you look in her eyes.I have been bitten by her only once almost 3 years ago while playing an intense game of fetch where she tried to jump and get the ball out of my hand. These dogs are amazing when cared for and raised by a kind and loving owner.

    To all the people shaming this woman about the bar if she just started doing it this season it is a bit uninspired but it is not clearly indicated in the article. So to the writer you did a poor job getting the info. And to the writer and people that shame this woman. You are quick to tell her to get over it becquse he served his time. But if asked about Casey Anthony most will get uoset that she got off. But by your opinion of the system she is innocent. Which there again our system is not always right or fair in punishment. Should have gotten 20 years in prison…just my opinion.

  21. rick martin says:

    Please can you give the name of the bar so I won’t frequent it on any other day. She can go straight to hell! Don’t pass GO and don’t collect $200!!!!

  22. Joe B says:

    I Would Love to visit the bar and support Patty. I will not root for the Eagles until the stench of Vick is gone for a while. I Wish I could feed Vick to my Dog and see how like likes being tortured. I can’t wish for nothing but badness for what he did.

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