Pierre Garcon Says Redskins Suck at Passing


For three quarters yesterday against the Broncos, the Washington Redskins were right there in the game. You would have never known that Washington is is pretty bad team this year. I think there are many reasons that you can point to that they aren’t very good this year but WR Pierre Garcon thinks he has pinpointed the issue:

“We’ve had trouble passing all year to tell you the truth. What do you think?” Garcon said after the game, turning the question around to reporters. “…. I can only run the routes, try to make separation. That’s the only thing I really can do.”

“Doesn’t matter (who you’re playing),” he said, referring to the entire offense (via NFL.com). “If you suck at passing, you suck at passing … We’ve just got to figure it out.”

From what I see, passing hasn’t been the issue. Yes the Broncos give up 380 passing yards per games and RGIII only could get 180 but the Redskins did stop running the ball when that was working well.  This may be yet another case of a WR just wanting the ball more.