Pirates Fan Jumps Off Clemente Bridge To Celebrate Wild Card Win (Video)


Fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates have waited a long time to see their baseball team appear in a playoff game, let alone win one.

That’s exactly what happened on Tuesday night when the Pirates shattered 21 years of a city’s frustration with the crack of two Russell Martin home runs to spur them alone.


The fun was only beginning after the Pirates got their win.

According to 96 Kiss FM in Pittsburgh, a Pittsburgh Pirates fan named Dean Spumoni was so stoked about the Pirates winning their first playoff game in 21 years that he did the unthinkable.

In the below video you can see courtesy of 96 Kiss, Spumoni is so excited about his teams win, that he jumps off the famed Clemente Bridge right into the Allegheny.

Spumoni was not hurt and was able to swim to shore.  By the time Spumoni reached land, he was a star.

dean-spumoni-jumps dean-spumoni-jumps2

I believe bridge jumping is illegal, so it may not take that much time for the authorities to locate Spumoni.   21 years of frustration ended, I think the jump was worth it.