Police Think Mike Pouncey Knows About Aaron Hernandez Being a Gun Trafficker


Was there anything that Aaron Hernandez didn’t do?

It appears to me anyway that they police are trying to build as many cases against Hernandez because their murder case  might fall apart.

Pouncey being subpoenaed is just another example of the prosecution looking for anyone to give them more evidence against Hernandez in whatever criminal activity he’s been involved in. Pro Football Talk breaks it down.

“Overall, I would say this is a serious situation for Mike Pouncey,” Bedard said. “This is not a situation where they just think he might have evidence towards the charges against Aaron Hernandez. If he goes in there [to testify before the grand jury] thinking that’s what it’s about, he will be underprepared. He should be prepared that the authorities are looking at him in regards to some charges.”

With one murder case pending against Hernandez and a double-murder case possible, authorities reportedly are exploring whether Hernadnez was engaged in the illegal trafficking of weapons.