Rajon Rondo: This Is My Team, Why Would I Want To Leave Boston?


Rajon Rondo is doing and saying all the right things as the one and only leader of a new look Boston Celtics franchise.

Rondo is the face of the Celtics now, and that’s quite fine with him.

The mercurial point guard has been mentioned in trade rumors since the moment Danny Ainge chose to blow up the roster. Rondo though disagrees with the notion that he might want to leave Boston, and according to Celtics Blog, it’s clearly Rondo’s team.

“I love it here,” Rondo said. “The fans are great here. And Danny [Ainge] has been straightforward with me. This is my team. Why would I want to leave? Why would I want out? I never really backed away from a challenge. This would be a challenge. I’m looking forward to working with coach [Brad] Stevens. It’s a brand new start for us as a team. A lot of new players and a lot of young guys willing to listen, so I’m very excited.”

Rondo while discussing his ACL recovery avoided the talk about an Adrian Peterson like recovery.

“I want to be like Rajon Rondo,” Rondo said with a smile. “Obviously he came back and had an MVP season. That’s the type of season I want to have when I come back. I don’t want to come back and just be mediocre or have excuses about why I’m not playing up to par. When I come back, I won’t have any excuses. I’ll be ready to go. And if I’m not playing up to par, it’s just on me. I won’t blame it on my knee.”

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