Raptors CEO Mocks Celtics For Having Bad Preseason Record


Toronto Raptors CEO Tim Leiweke is in violation, and should be called out for ignorance and fake exuberance.

Toronto is 5-1 in the preseason with two of those wins coming over Boston, which is 1-6 in the preseason.  Leiweke in his fit of exuberance must have totally forgotten about the Celtics 17 NBA championships and 33 Hall of Famers because he totally embarrassed himself on TV.

A fan wore a Celtics jersey to an event for Raptors season-ticket holders, Leiweke called him out from on stage and ripped him.  

“Where’s that guy with the Celtics jersey?” said Raptors CEO Tim Leiweke. “How’s that preseason going for you?”

The crowd, being full of Raptors fans, happily applauded.

Mr. Leiweke the Celtics have tanked, reloaded, tanked again, and reloaded and still have more success in the past decaded then Toronto has in their history.

And the Celtics still have almost as many championships as the Raptors do years in the league.

One thought on “Raptors CEO Mocks Celtics For Having Bad Preseason Record

  • Tim Leiweke was a member of AEG up until this year, which had business ties with the Lakers (Staples Center). Bravo Leiweke! Down with the Celtics!

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