Ravens Secretary Loses Super Bowl Ring in Chesapeake Bay


It seems like the only people to get Super Bowl rings aren’t just players and coaches. A Ravens secretary lost her Super Bowl ring. Where did she lose it? Chesapeake Bay on a boat:

On Aug. 3, Ravens Receptionist Toni Lekas and her boyfriend, Chuck Lykes, were at a boat party on the river. Toni brought her ring because when you’ve got one, the ring is actually the intended invite and surely the guest of honor.

Toni went to leave the party at about 8 p.m. and asked to have her ring back. Chuck said a friend was on his way to come see the ring and asked if he could give it back the next day. It was a windy night and as the group tried to dock the boat, it kept pulling away. Somebody called for Chuck, who was about to put the ring away below deck, to grab a rope.

As Chuck pulled the rope, it hooked on the ring on his pinky finger. When the rope tugged, it pulled the ring off. It flew into the dark night. Chuck freaked out and started screaming. He immediately leapt into the water and frantically felt around for the ring. Problem was, he was in about nine feet of water in the pitch black. It was practically impossible.

Toni is a better person than me to let anybody hold onto my Super Bowl ring. She luckily had it insured and the team got her a new one.

From what we know Sweet Pea and Bryant McKinnie were not involved but I bet alcohol was.