Rays David Price Calls Critics Nerds and Waterboys

David Price

Here is the thing, when things are going well, I never see players not accepting the adulation, so when things aren’t going well, they can’t get in their feelings when people are critical of their performance.

The whole “you never played the game” card is stupid and has never made any sense. I don’t have to play baseball to see you had a bad start. If I think a TV Show is bad, can I not critique it because I am not an actor? These type of Tweets are uncalled for.

David Price Tweet

As long as the critiques aren’t personal and no one is name-calling, reporters, media and fans can say whatever they like. It is their opinion and calling people nerds and waterboys is weak.

I understand Price was probably frustrated, but as I always say, think before you tweet. Because comments like this, makes you no better than the person you think is doing you wrong.