Report: Adrian Peterson’s 2-Year-Old Son Severely Beaten By Moms BF


When dealing with the sports media and the information you sometimes seek, you have to be careful.  With that being said this is simply a report and the details can’t all be confirmed at this time.

TMZ is reporting that Adrian Peterson’s two year old son is currently in critical condition in a South Dakota hospital, after he was allegedly severely beaten by the man dating the mother of his child, according to reports.

Officials tell us they’ve arrested the suspect, 27-year-old Joseph Patterson … who’s been charged with aggravated felony assault and battery of an infant.

According to law enforcement, emergency responders arrived to the apartment where Peterson’s son was living at 5:46 PM on Wednesday … and found the child unresponsive.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital and medical experts determined the injuries were consistent with abuse.

Law enforcement sources tell us … the child suffered severe head injuries.

We’ve been reporting all morning that Peterson had excused himself from practice Thursday to deal with a personal tragedy in South Dakota.

 I’m hearing that Vikings star Adrian Peterson is in Sioux Falls today due to very serious medical issue involving family member.

— Stu Whitney (@stuwhitney) October 10, 2013

Adrian Peterson is still in Sioux Falls, dealing with medical issue involving young family member that will likely be a police matter.

— Stu Whitney (@stuwhitney) October 10, 2013

According to multiple reports, police have charged a Sioux Falls man with aggravated assault and aggravated battery of an infant against his girlfriend’s 2-year-old son, who is in critical condition.

That young boy appears to be the two year old son of Vikings star Adrian Peterson.


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