Floyd Mayweather’s Sidechick Set Him Up to Get Robbed (Photos)


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Mayweather might want to do a Ho-Fax on his ladies if this report from Larry Brown Sports is true.

A connected source tells Larry Brown Sports that one of Mayweather’s homes was robbed the night of his Sept. 14 fight against Canelo Alvarez. Our source says about eight Rolex watches, close to $10,000 cash, and some other items were stolen from the home. Mayweather owns multiple properties in the Las Vegas area, and we’re told the home that was robbed is where Princess Love was staying.

According to Larry Brown a friend of Queen Princess told Floyd that she was the mastermind behind the robbery.  50 Cent claims that Floyd has dropped Queen Princess and took back all her gifts per the sidechick contract he makes them sign.

Queen Mayweather

In times like this the only that can be said………….

4 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather’s Sidechick Set Him Up to Get Robbed (Photos)

  • Floyd has all of that money and he didn’t think to hire armed security to watch his properties? This is just one of several reasons why I believe Floyd will be broke in the near future.

    • because someone’s gonna rob him? gtfo with that shit .. the guy is worth over 200 million and has millions already lined up in investments that will keep the money rolling in plus his success as a promoter. lack of investment is why ppl go broke not because they get robbed. take a business class.

  • Mayweather chick number what 18

  • A fool and his money will always separate and Mayweather has been acting foolish with his money. All of those groupies and leeches hanging around Floyd do not love him, they’re using him. If Floyd ends up broke like Evander Holyfield, I won’t be surprised.

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