Report: Jaguars Players Got Beat Up After The Game

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It’s bad enough that Jacksonville gets roughed up on the field. Now there are reports from Deadspin that they got beat up after the game as well. There isn’t confirmation if either or one of the stories is true but here are the details:

Let’s start with the first version, from a source in London: Two Jaguars players attempted to enter the team hotel, the Grosvenor House, with six women on Sunday. This would’ve been sometime after the San Francisco-Jacksonville game at Wembley Stadium, a Jags loss. Hotel security denied entry to the coterie of ladies. This led to a fight of some kind—also a Jags loss. The two players were treated at the hospital.

In the other story, three (not two) players went clubbing after the game, whereupon they were confronted by nine (nine!) guys, some of whom supposedly wore brass knuckles. This version comes from a source who knows the players but who wouldn’t give us their names. There was a fight, also a Jags loss, followed by a trip to the hospital. Two of the players looked “pretty rough,” according to the source—”black eyes, cuts and bruises.” (This source also dismissed the coterie-of-ladies story, pointing out that NFL security would’ve stepped in at some point.)

So much for London adopting the Jags as their home team. Allegedly.