Rex Ryan Says Mark Sanchez Isn’t Dead


It is good to know Sanchez is still with the living.

“We’re acting like he’s dead. Mark Sanchez is not dead,” head coach Rex Ryan said Wednesday. “Sanchez is going to be 100% healthy, guys. It’s not like his career’s over.”

But when asked if Sanchez would be back with the Jets, Ryan dodged.

“I don’t want to get into that. I think he’s going to come back 100 percent, that seems to be how the doctors feel,” Ryan said. “And I know for a fact that this organization will do everything in its power to see that that’s a possibility, that he can come back and be 100 percent.

I think Sanchez will get one more shot to prove he is a quality starting quarterback in the NFL.  It won’t be with the Jets, but he will get a shot somewhere.  I think the jury is still out.