RG3 Doesn’t Want Anyone Telling Him “How To Play This Game””


Robert Griffin III has been placed in the very difficult position of trying to work off all the rust from an ACL injury, while still trying to keep his Redskins team in contention.

Griffin as well as Redskins fans have both grown impatient with the Process.  During a post-game interview with the Redskins Radio Network (via the Washington Post), Griffin said he “needed to be instinctive at times,” but didn’t ‘want anyone telling him how to play either.’

“Yeah, you know, I’m just really focusing on being the playmaker that I know I can be and not letting anybody else tell me how to play this game,” Griffin said, in response to a prompt about his running plays. “You know, I got here for a reason, and I’ve got to make sure I use all of my abilities to their maximum. And running the ball is one of those, when I do get the opportunity.

“It’s not that I’m looking for it, but if it is there, I will take it.”

Robert and his horrible timing when he makes these statements.

The Skins are in a no win situation when it comes to RG3.  If they harness his athletic ability while trying to keep him healthy, they will be accused of mismanaging Griffin III’s full array of talent.

If they return to allowing RG3 to make plays and he gets hurt, Mike Shanahan will be crucified in the D.C. area.

One thought on “RG3 Doesn’t Want Anyone Telling Him “How To Play This Game””

  • Robert you don’t own the team and the owner hires a coach to run the team and the owner pays you to listen to the coach the owner hired to run the team the way they want it run.As a QB your job is to listen to them and follow their instruction.If your ego is too big that you won’t listen to them on how they want the team to function then the team will have total malfunction and never be a winner.When you own a team then you can do as you please but until then for a team to be a winner everybody has to work as one not me is going to be me and don’t tell me how to play.Won’t work dude,your paid big bucks and your coach is proven winner,listen and you can do great things.Its what the coach and owner want you to succeed

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