RGIII Admits to Flopping for Personal Fouls

Bradley Fletcher,  Craig Dahl,  Robert Griffin III

RGIII knows that defenders love to hit the quarterback and he is a target out there. He drew two personal foul calls on Barry Church on Sunday and now he is admitting that he uses tactics to draw personal fouls on defenders:

“There will be situations, and that’s why guys don’t want to pull up,” Griffin said. “It’s happened in the past with Michael Vick or someone like that who has run to the sidelines, stopped and then gotten 20 more yards because the guy runs out of bounds trying not to hit the quarterback.”

At the end of a run against the Lions in week 3 he tried his floppish ways and they didn’t work on Rashean Mathis

“He’s a smart player; he didn’t hit me,” Griffin said. “I kind of stopped well inside in bounds to try to get him to hit me and he didn’t. He said, ‘I’m not taking that penalty, Griff.’ I said, ‘I got you, man.’

“With Barry, it was more I was out of bounds. I didn’t slow down at all. … He hit me and it does suck, but some guys are going to take those penalties. It’s hard to walk that line, and you’ve always got to try to protect yourself. … The sideline is your friend and you can get out of bounds, but a lot of defensive players, they just really don’t care. Sometimes they’re going to still get that hit on you.”

Given Griffin’s injury history there will not be a Redskins fan on Earth that is going to like this. Besides it being a sucker move to bait guys into personal fouls, taking unnecessary hits in the NFL will shorten your career. This isn’t exactly the same as LeBron James flopping in the NBA. Griffin should have kept this tidbit a secret.


One thought on “RGIII Admits to Flopping for Personal Fouls

  • This is not flopping. Flopping is when you fall after you’ve barely been touched.

    RGIII is trying to draw teams into personal fouls.

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