Ric Bucher: I’d Take Derrick Rose over LeBron


Ric Bucher has a new gig at the Bleacher Report, and what better way to reintroduce yourself to the masses than by getting the LeBron stans riled up on a Thursday afternoon.

Bucher has taken a hit for this statement before, and once again reaffirmed it on Tuesday when he took to Twitter to proclaim that he’d take Derrick Rose as a player over LeBron James.



Bucher was nice enough to note that James, a four-time NBA MVP and back-to-back NBA champion, has “come a long way” but that he’d still take Rose.

One thought on “Ric Bucher: I’d Take Derrick Rose over LeBron

  • he used to work @ ESPN so his stance on Rose > LBJ is absurd…also, it’s ****ing absurd

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